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April 23, 2013 – Please pass this onto a friend!

The shift to a conserver society could hold benefits for people as well as for nature. As we begin to measure success not by the amount of our consumption, but by the quality of our culture, the beauty of the built environment, and the health of ecosystems, we could end up being significantly happier than we are today, even as we leave a far smaller footprint upon our finite planet. But those benefits will be delayed and diluted for as long as we deny the conservation imperative. – Richard Heinberg

The World

EPA Moves to Reduce Radiation Standards which would allow the public to be exposed to extraordinarily higher levels of radiation than previously permitted.
Nuclear Is NOT a Low-Carbon Source of Energy

'Kill Nuclear Power Before It Kills Us
' Top Exec. 23 min. video by S. David Freeman. A simple and clear statement against nuclear power.

Canada to ship Uranium to India 40 years after India used plutonium from a Canadian heavy water reactor to carry out its first nuclear test in defiance of world opinion, Ottawa is set to resume nuclear commerce with New Delhi.

How to close the US nuclear industry: Do nothing The United States is more or less on course to exit the commercial nuclear power industry. Only a massive, government-driven infusion of taxpayer or customer dollars, targeted specifically to new nuclear reactors, will produce a different result.


Mad about your hydro bill? Blame nuclear and gas plants Payments to nuclear and gas-fired generators are the main ingredients in the largest component on Ontario hydro bills — not renewable energy suppliers

Stop the Pickering Extension Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has requested a 5-year license renewal for the Pickering nuclear station. This is a reckless proposition. The geriatric Pickering reactors are too dangerous to keep running and stand in the way of safer renewable energy. Please tell the CNSC to shut down Pickering by sending in a written submission by April 29th. You can also make an oral presentation in May. Pickering A Nuclear Generating Station is the highest cost nuclear power plant in North America; Pickering B Nuclear Station is the 5th highest cost. Tell them that shutting down the Pickering A and B Nuclear Stations would save Ontario’s electricity consumers approximately $846 million per year or 5.3% of the province’s total electricity costs.
NDP Member of Parliament Cheri DiNovo speaks up against the nuclear industry and the GE-Hitachi uranium processing plant downtown Toronto


Renewables and Conservation

Germany's Renewables Revolution by Amory Lovins. Germany remains the best disproof of claims that highly industrialized countries, let alone cold and cloudy ones, can do little with renewables. Germany has doubled the renewable share of its total electricity consumption in the past six years to 23% in 2012. It forecasts nearly a redoubling by 2025, well ahead of the 50% target for 2030, and closing in on official goals of 65% in 2040 and 80% in 2050. Some areas are moving faster: in 2010, four German states were 43–52% windpowered for the whole year. Skeptics said the abrupt shutdown of 41% of nuclear output post-Fukushima would make the lights go out, the economy crash, carbon emissions and electricity prices soar, and Germany need to import nuclear power from France. But none of that happened.

Is Renewable Energy's Biggest Problem Solved? German researchers have found a way to overcome one of the problems with renewable energy -- the fact that it is not always available -- by linking different options in a unified system.
Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

How to Power the World without Fossil Fuels
Mark Jacobson says he can run the planet solely on wind, water and solar energy. Q. What are the main obstacles to such a sweeping overhaul at a state or national level? A. The main obstacles are political and social—getting politicians onboard. There are always local zoning issues. I’m sure there will be a big push by the gas lobby and the oil lobby against this.
World Wind Power Set to Top 300,000 Megawatts in 2013 The world is starting to realize that wind’s potential is almost without limit.
Walmart Goes Green Energy I hate to toot the horn of Walmart, but this deserves mention. Walmart's 600% increase in renewable energy will be the approximate equivalent of two fossil fuel plants. Walmart's driver is NOT the environment. Walmart's motivation is purely economic -- saving money on power bills. Now consider what would happen if ALL of your commercial and industrial customers went down the same path. If ALL of them committed to using 20% less energy. And ALL of them decided to generate as much of the remaining 80% on their own as possible. And ALL of them demanded that what little they bought from the utility had to be 100% renewable. 
The Energy Revolution This is a fantastic 6 min. animated video that addresses the problems with nuclear -- high cost, risk and lack of popular support -- and illustrates how Germany and Switzerland are moving toward a 100% renewable grid.

Solar power cost in India and Italy has reached grid parity

Portugal Provides 70% of Electricity Using Renewable Energy


Take Action!

Premier Wynne can lower your energy bills - with the power of efficiency Premier Wynne needs to hear from you that maximizing efficiency – at an average cost of just 3 cents per kilowatt hour – makes much more sense than investing tens of billions of dollars in costly nuclear and gas projects. You can help get the message out by distributing our great new pamphlet to your friends, family and co-workers and by sending a letter to the Premier today.

Stop Mobile Chernobyl--No Fukushima Freeways!

Tell U.S. & S. African governments: end radioactive "recycling" U.S. nuclear weapons waste could end up in your zipper, belt buckle or frying pan if the Department of Energy lifts its bans on release of metal from radioactive areas. South Afr ican nuclear weapons waste could end up in your earrings, forks or baby toys if three radioactive metal smelters are given licenses by the South African government.

Demand lower human-made radiation in food The US limit for carcinogenic radioactive cesium is 1200 Bq/kg in food. Japan, which is still suffering a triple meltdown, has a limit of 100 Bq/kg. Both of these limits are way too high to protect our children. We are asking that the limit be reduced to 5 Bq/kg for all food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Sign the petition.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please add your voice to the growing list of people opposing OPG’s plan to bury nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron.



Ontario Energy Drinks Tuesday April 23, 6 p.m. onward, Brazen Head Irish Pub, 165 East Liberty Street, Toronto

CREW Movie Night: Promised Land Tues. April 30, 7 p.m. Princess Theatre, Waterloo, Ontario

Ride for Renewables Sun. May 26, 45km group bicycle ride from Pickering nuclear station to Darlington nuclear station. Sign up now.

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