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April 23, 2010


“Peaceful Nuclear Power” – it’s an oxymoron. Harmonious relationships between people and nations cannot survive in a nuclear power society, with its atmosphere of secrecy, surveillance , suspicion, fear, and ever-present real danger. - Christina MacPherson,

Solar Power In Ontario Could Produce Almost As Much Power As All U.S. Nuclear Reactors, Studies Find

Solar power in southeastern Ontario has the potential to produce almost the same amount of power as all the nuclear reactors in the United States, according to two studies conducted by the Queen's University Applied Sustainability Research Group located in Kingston, Canada.

“The sun doesn't always shine, so if you couple solar power with other renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and biomass, southeastern Ontario could easily cover its own energy needs," Professor Pearce says.

Denis Hayes: Earth Day and new nuclear reactors don’t mix

The climate clock is ticking. Achieving a safe, self-reliant, prosperous future now will be more expensive and more painful than if we had simply stayed the course 30 years ago. Let’s not hop from the climate frying pan to the nuclear fire. Let’s not waste more time and money on an outdated nuclear technology that has already flunked the market test.

Nurses, doctors release new coal death statistics

At a Queen’s Park news conference today, Wendy Fucile of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and Dr. Hilary de Veber of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment called on Premier McGuinty to phase-out our dirty coal plants now – four years ahead of schedule – to save 1,000 lives

The OCAA has clearly documented that Ontario now has more than sufficient coal-free power to keep the lights on.  Let’s stop putting dirty power ahead of public health.

Please contact Opposition Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and ask them to support the call for an early coal phase-out (and please cc me).

Sign the Petition to shut down Ontario’s Coal Power Plants This Year!

Stop the smog, save lives. Ontario now has more than sufficient coal-free power to keep the lights on.

Online petition:

And then order free copies of our leaflet – We Can Stop Burning Coal Today – which includes a postcard to McGuinty, to give to your friends and colleagues – help us get the word out:

There’s A War Being Waged On Our Grandchildren by Coal Industry

4 min. video

The New Anti-Nuclear Movement

There is a lot of news about nuclearism these days…

To cut through the verbiage of treaties and agreements and summits, and move people from fear to action, we need to focus on three concepts: The United States is the biggest problem when it comes to nuclear weapons. We need a new treaty to replace the NPT. And no nukes means no nuclear power.

Nuclear Follies

But with a new Nuclear Posture Review, a recent nuclear summit attended by 47 world leaders, and an updated arms control treaty with Russia, the Obama administration is attempting to bring nuclear policies into the 21st century. Are we in the process of giving up our nuclear addiction, or is this just flimflam from an addict who refuses to go cold turkey?

Before we answer that question, let's test your nuclear knowledge.

Our Big Challenge on Earth Day: Stop the Nuke Industry from Pretending It Can Prevent Climate Change

The Climate Bill is due on Earth Day. By all accounts it will be a nuclear bomb.

Nuclear Power Federal Loan Guarantees: The Next Multi-Billion Dollar Bailout?

Multi-state marchers against nuclear power meet with public in Berks

There's not much time for rest when you've got 1,000 miles to cover - on foot. The group is part of Footprint for Peace, an Ohio-based organization lobbying for nuclear non-proliferation. They are on a nearly four-month walk from Tennessee to New York.

Footprints for Peace is dedicated to a nuclear-free world, which includes eliminating nuclear power generation.

"The technology is the same technology," he said of nuclear power generation and weapons. "As we spread nuclear power to the world, we spread the technology for those countries to create nuclear weapons in the future."

Watch the 2 minute video of the march here:

Nuclear power: no solution to climate change

On March 4, a debate was held in Melbourne on the topic “Should Australia embrace nuclear power?”. Read this concise summary of the arguments.

Beyond Nuclear report on leaking reactors finds regulator ignoring oversight

A new report released today by Beyond Nuclear - Leak First, Fix Later: Uncontrolled and Unmonitored Radioactive Releases from Nuclear Power Plants - looks at the epidemic of reactors leaking tritium into groundwater. The report finds that the federal regulator – the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission -  is ignoring its oversight and enforcement responsibilities at the nation’s increasingly leaky, uninspected and unmaintained nuclear power plants.

Of further concern, the agency and the industry continue to downplay and trivialize the health risks of prolonged exposure to tritium, a known carcinogen which is shown to cause cancer, genetic mutations and birth defects.

505 Order of Canada Recipients Call for Nuclear Weapons Treaty

In an unprecedented development, more than 500 recipients of the prestigious Order of Canada have come together to call on governments around the world, including Canada, to bring about the elimination of nuclear weapons.

“It is vital that governments seize this new moment of opportunity and commit to start work now to prevent the 21st century from turning into a two-class world of nuclear haves and have-nots,” said Senator Doug Roche (ret.), former UN Ambassador for Disarmament. “The continued possession of more than 20,000 nuclear weapons by the U.S., Russia, the U.K., France and China, along with India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea, must be dealt with if global cooperation to reduce nuclear dangers is to be achieved.”

The text of the statement and complete list of 505 signatories can be found at

Empowering the Planet - An Earth Day Overview

The coal, hard facts

Oil's well that ends well

Step on the gas

Nuclear meltdown

Renewable alternatives

Accelerating innovation

Hot Docs is Coming to Toronto

170 documentary films!

April 29 – May 9

Check out the energy/nuke films:

Dreamland  With its hydroelectric and geothermal power surplus, Iceland’s clean energy initiatives have ironically attracted heavy industries whose pollution decimates the natural vegetation. A troubling tale of sabotage from the front lines of the green revolution.

Gasland  Flammable tap water, mysterious ailments, poisoned land and livestock: Sundance prize-winner Gasland exposes the shocking environmental calamities and cover-ups caused by natural gas drilling, shedding an absurd light on America’s new energy race.

Into Eternity  The fascinating scientific minds behind Finland’s massive underground nuclear waste storage facility, where radioactive waste must sit untouched for at least 100,000 years to neutralize its potential danger, are probed in this unique and stylish film.

Tankograd  What could possibly thrive in Chelyabinsk, Russia - the world’s most radioactive city? Dance, of course. A world-renowned modern dance company soars above the city’s toxic soil to create an inspiring future in this unique environmental essay.

For the full list of all the docs, go here:

Green and Peaceful Energy

Presentation with Jack Gibbons of Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Sunday April 25th, 12:45 to 2 pm.  

Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave. (near St. George subway station), Toronto

The presentation follows the Quaker Meeting which is at 11 am.  All welcome!


Tuesday April 27, 10:30 a.m. - noon

St. Andrew’s United Church 117 Bloor Street East, 2nd floor, Toronto (near Yonge and Bloor)

BARBARA FALBY: Barbara is an Eco Conscientous Objector - who works with ForOurGrandchildren, the Just Earth Coalition; endorses the work Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, the Toronto Environmental Alliance, Greenpece and CELA in their work for CO2 reductions and environmental sustainability. Former President, Anglican Church Women at St. James Cathedral

SHIRLEY FARLINGER: Member of Pugwash; Editor of The Bulletin, Science for Peace; member of Older Women's Network, International Institute of Concern for Public Health (Rosalie Bertell); author of "A Million for Peace: the History of the Peacemaking Fund of the United Church of Canada". Freelance writer Peace Magazine and other magazines.
Followed by discussion, questions

Coffee at 10 a.m., Lunch around 12 noon: sandwiches, wraps, tea. 

For further information please contact Audrey Tobias Tel/FAX (416) 423-8523.  email

Our Power

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