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Stop a $35 billion nuclear handout

Every nuclear construction project in Ontario has gone massively over budget. We are all already on the hook for nuclear's runaway costs, paying a nuclear debt surcharge on every kilowatt of electricity we use. We should not be providing more public money for high-risk nuclear porjects. Spread the word about the need for a more responsible approach - order copies of the pamphlet

Ontario's Green Future      Replacing Nuclear

These reports outline how Ontario can eliminate costly nuclear power and create a prosperous green energy future. Click on covers to read full reports (Acrobat format)

Darlington Consumer Protection Plan

Still think we need nuclear? Find out more about nuclear power’s special treatment and hidden subsidies.

Want to know more about the benefits of an efficient, renewable electricity system? What Ontario needs to do to walk its talk on efficiency and conservation.


OCAA Chair Jack Gibbons discusses the new Green Energy Act and how we can replace nuclear with less costly renewable power in an interview with Focus Ontario.

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OCAA's Angela Bischoff presents to the Darlington Joint Panel Review Hearing for a new nuclear plant project (March 31, 2011)

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Angela Bischoff spoke about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons at the Annual Hiroshima Day Commemoration in Toronto (August 6, 2011)

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Ontario's Green Future

Ontario Clean Air AllianceThe Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health and environmental organizations, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, corporations and individuals working for cleaner air through a coal phase-out and a shift to a renewable electricity future.